Dream Big, Trust, and Let Go

In the past few months, Marcus and I have been asked many variations of the same question- “When/how/why/where did you move?!”

The simple answer to this question: We moved from Cincinnati, OH to Wrightsville Beach, NC in mid-September.  The simple answer might suffice for some of you- and if so, you’re updated!  We’ve moved, life is great, come visit us! 😉  For the rest of you- the story behind our move is far more insightful than we could’ve imagined.  Read on for more details on how God works in crazy ways. 

Marcus and I have both lived in Ohio for many years- in Marcus’s case, his entire life.  We knew we wanted a change of scenery, but never believed we would have the opportunity handed to just three days before our wedding, in July. 

Marcus works as an engineer in the Edison program at GE.  This program encompasses three, year-long rotations, in which he is exposed to various elements of engineering.   For any out of town rotations, the engineers are able to live in a new city for a year, with all housing expenses paid for by GE. Sounds like a dream come true, right?  Well- it turns out the placement process is incredibly complicated….a series of interviews followed by an intense placement match process.  First and second years are never offered out-of-town roles, and this year, this was specifically stated as a new program standard.  Our hopes of moving to a new location dwindled, and we set our sights on other things- believing in the plan God had aligned for us.

As it turns out, my husband is one of those “rules are made to be broken” types!  Marcus applied to multiple out of town roles, and was constantly told that his position as a second year Edison would prevent him from earning any of them.  It was frustrating to see the man I love work so hard for something, and be denied simply due to lack of seniority.  I likely would have given up after one rejection, but Marcus is very persistent (one of the things I love most about him).   After a while, he stopped informing me of his interview woes- probably because I was starting to feel so bad for him that I threatened to “give the Edison office a talking to” on multiple occasions….and I, again, began to fix my eyes on other things (like getting ready for our upcoming WEDDING!).  I believed that we would be fine in Cincinnati, and that God was keeping us there for a good reason.

On July 27th, just three days before our wedding, I was attending a conference for Management Trainees with my company, Cintas Corporation.  I was busy in group sessions, executive Q&A sessions, and presentations all day that I was barely checking my phone.  Around 4:30 (when the conference was supposed to end) I glanced down at my phone to see multiple texts and missed calls from Marcus.  He is not one to blow up my phone, especially when he knows I’m busy, so I immediately felt concerned.  I was not in the position to excuse myself to call him, so I painfully sat through the next hour (possibly the longest hour of my life), waiting for our last session to end so I could call him back.

Right off the bat, I could tell he was upset.  He explained that he had some news about the placement for his next rotation, and that I wouldn’t be thrilled about it.  I had already been planning on staying in Cincinnati for his next rotation…..in my mind, I couldn’t imagine anything “worse” than that.  **I love Cincinnati, just a small public announcement so none of my friends hate me for this post**

Marcus let me know that we would not be moving to Greenville, South Carolina for his next rotation, which was his career goal he had set for himself.  “That’s ok, babe!  Don’t worry.  We will have an amazing wedding this weekend, and be just as happy in Cincinnati with our friends and family,” I said.

“Well,” he said, “That’s not going to happen either.”

At this point I was thoroughly exhausted from the day, a bit hangry from having lunch so early, and couldn’t have felt more confused.  “Explain,” I said.

Marcus then explained to me that he had been networking and interviewing with the top executives in Greenville, Asheville, and Wilmington, NC for the past few months- in attempt to live our dream of starting our life together in a new place.

“Get your bikini ready, because after the honeymoon we are having an extended vacation….” (my eyes are popping out of my head at this point) “Babe, we’re moving to Wilmington, North Carolina!”

I was completely stunned.  I had given up any hope of moving anytime soon.  I was so proud of my husband for his motivated persistence, and his ability to provide such an incredible opportunity for the start of our marriage.  But even more-so I was completely humbled by God.  When things start to get disappointing, we tend to minimize our dreams.  We get rejected, so we retreat and reevaluate.  The incredible thing is, God wants us to hold onto our dreams and pursue them steadfastly.  He believes in us, and will enable us to fervently chase our desires, if they are a positive reflection of Him and His ministry.   Marcus and I believed that it would be best to start our married life in a new place, so that we could rely on each other and build a strong foundation for our marriage.  Apparently, God agreed.

This idea was reinforced even more when I was offered a job at the Cintas location in Wilmington after just one week.   The location was not hiring for my role, and is much smaller than the one I started at in Milford, OH.  However, after interviewing with the GM, networking with the right people, and with God’s grace, everything fell into place perfectly for me to pursue my own career alongside Marcus in Wilmington.

We were meant for this adventure- and God revealed this to us more and more every day.  We were faced with the challenge of finding a place to live just two weeks before we would make the big move to Wilmington.  We had a great realtor helping us on this journey, but were just not finding anything that spoke to us.  One of Marcus’s colleagues, who was currently working as the Edison at the Wilmington plant, reached out to him to let him know that the house he was renting on Wrightsville Beach was available for the next year.  Even better?  It’s fully furnished, within the budget set by GE, and RIGHT on the beach.

The verdict: We are now living with our two dogs, Daisy and Oakley, in our beautiful house on Wrightsville Beach (yes, we signed the lease!  Duh.).  We have adjusted well to the beach bum lifestyle, love our new jobs, and continue to explore our new city each day.  We could not be more grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to start our marriage on such a strong foot.  We are blessed with the ability to live a more relaxed lifestyle and have learned to rely on each other- building our relationship more than we imagined was possible.  We have found an incredible church community, made some new friends, and learned to make a mean shrimp skillet.  Long story short- don’t give up on your dreams.  If you are persistent, faithful, and have good intentions- God will provide a way.  


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