Living with Lyss

Hi friends & family! 

I’m so SO excited to announce that I’ve started my very own blog, living with lyss.

What does this mean for you?

I would love nothing more than your support throughout this venture!  Recently I’ve felt called to put in extra effort to share my thoughts, creations, and realizations into words & photos- a blog provides the perfect medium for doing just that.  If you can spare a few minutes here and there, please read my posts, comment with your thoughts, and spread the love!  That’s all I ask. ❤

“Is she going to blow up my news feed with Indie song lyrics and clearly staged photos?” 

If I ever do- please call me out, and give me a swift slap on the face.  This is a forum to share stories, recipes, DIY projects, fitness attempts (laughable as they may be), style, home decor, etc.  A blog for all things life…..with me!  And Marcus, Daisy & Oakley, of course.  No judgement posts, and absolutely no selfies (unless Daisy’s having a good hair day…then maybe a selfie or two).

Go ahead, read on!  Tell me your thoughts, tell me what you wish I would write more about, and most of all- make sure you have at least one belly-laugh today.  It’s good for you. 🙂



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