Treat yo self.

In case you weren’t aware- today, October 13th, is the best day of the year.

 Friends, it is Treat Yo Self Day.

Some of you will be thoroughly confused at this point in time. If that’s the case- it means that you have never experienced the sheer perfection that is Parks and Recreation.  If this is the case- stop what you are doing.   Open your Netflix browser.  And start. Watching. Now.  You will now undoubtedly spend the next 1-2 months of your life enthralled with television’s best comedy series.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and if you’re like me, you’ll start to crave waffles on a daily basis (thanks Leslie Knope).  Essentially- readers, you are so welcome for changing your life with this blog post.

If you’re already a Parks & Rec aficianado- I’m proud of you. I feel like we have a real connection right now.  Read on. 🙂

When I read BuzzFeed this morning and was reminded that it was Treat Yo Self day- here were my immediate thoughts: “Today I’m buying every flavor of Halo Top ice cream, buying a leopard print Snuggie, and coming home with two husky puppies…. because I can.”  My second and third thoughts involved the implications of these purchases (something you’re never supposed to think about on Treat Yo Self day… sorry Tom Haverford, but my husband will straight up leave me if I bring home another dog).  Somewhere around my fourth or fifth thoughts, I ruled out the husky puppies and the Snuggie…. but totally started planning my after work trip to Whole Foods for that Halo Top (because #priorities).  I was daydreaming of the new Halo Top pistachio flavor (Lord have mercy) when I found myself suddenly overcome by the validity of this whole “Treat Yo Self” mantra. 

Our culture is deeply rooted in the “work hard, play hard” mentality. You just ran a mile for the first time in 6 months?  Go home, have a big meal and a cold beer, and revel in your accomplishment.  You studied for three straight days for that exam, and then aced it?  Go buy yourself that new Kate Spade purse you’ve had your eye on.

Readers- today I urge you to consider the words of Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford. Treat yo self!!!  I’m here to tell you- it’s ok to play hard without working hard.  I’m fairly confident that we all work hard enough, the majority of the time, to never be able to play hard enough to balance it all out.  Life is about enjoying moments- not wondering whether or not you’ve earned them.

Some of you are college students, juggling hours classes, work, co-ops, crazy parents, and extra-curriculars. Grab that extra PSL, indulge in some online retail therapy, or drink that whole bottle of wine (no judgement).

Shout out to my stay-at-home moms, who run their households, raise their children, cook, clean, and give their everything to their families. Schedule a massage, have your husband put the kids to bed and, again, drink that whole bottle of wine (notice a theme here?).

A vast majority of you work tirelessly, trying to advance in your careers. You wake up at ungodly hours, drink enough coffee for a third world country, and still feel like you are getting nowhere (Weirded out by how accurately that describes you?  I know you, because I am you).  Take a day off.  Don’t check your email.  Read a book.  DRINK THAT WHOLE BOTTLE OF WINE!


Today is your day, readers. Live it up!!! Side note: if you have already read my previous post, about comibing bank accounts with your husband or fiance… (thanks for reading, by the way!) it maaaay not be the best idea to bring home a puppy, or spend hundreds of dollars on purses, desserts, Snuggies, etc.  Chat with your dude about Treat Yo Self Day- I’m sure you can get him on board, but make sure he knows about it before you spend all your (combined) money!!! If you’re single or have your own account- do yo thang.

Be sure to send me some ways that you’ve treated yourself today- I’ll be thinking of you all tonight while I consume my weight in Halo Top ice cream. ❤





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