#goals for 25

TFIG, everyone!! I hope y’all had a great, stress-free week.  As happy as I am that it’s finally Friday, I definitely can’t complain about my week- things have started to fall into place at work, its 75 degrees & sunny, aaaand I celebrated my 25th birthday yesterday with my fantastic husband!  Not too shabby, eh?


I still can’t believe that I’m 25. TWENTY FIVE!  It honestly feels like yesterday that I walked into Aroma Sushi Restaurant (best sushi in Cincinnati- if you’re ever looking for a new place to try!) for a “date night” with Marcus, and was surprised to find my girlfriends and mom waiting for me- for my 24th birthday. Has it already been a whole year?!

I have to throw this out there- I don’t know how the heck I’m qualified to be 25 years old.  I still burn pasta when I try to make a surprise, romatic dinner for Marcus (sorry babe…), I get irrationally excited when anyone around me brings up candy/puppies/ice cream/late bed times, and I most definitely would not be an ideal candidate to rent a car to.  I’m not sure the world is ready for Alyssa to be 25.

Also…. remember when you turned 16, but you were waiting to turn 18 so you would be an “adult?”  Or when you turned 18, but were really waiting on your 21st birthday to take shots at midnight (mad props if you if you actually waited that long to take shots)?  It’s getting crazy that the milestone birthdays are coming to an end….and that each year, we really are just another year older.  But- I must say, amidst the weird, morbid tone I just displayed- 25 so far has been the most amazing year yet (yes, I know I’m only two days in)- even though I am definitely unqualified to be in this phase of my life.  😉


 My 25th Birthday

I woke up to our dogs, Daisy and Oakley, jumping on the bed- with balloons and ribbons attached to their collars (aren’t they the absolute cutest???) ❤ Marcus brought in flowers, coffee, and donuts – since calories definitely do-nut count on your birthday (bad puns allowed because I’m 25 and sophisticated now). My day was already made…and it was only 6AM.  Having a thoughtful husband is prettttty great. 🙂


We went downtown Wilmington for lunch, to Elijah’s on the Riverfront— and oh my LORD is that place amazing! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in the Wilmington area.

lunchdateTry the shrimp salad with their light, Feta-crumbled Greek vinaigrette, or their signature Angus burger (with blackening seasoning to add an extra “pop” – the waiter was very insistent on this).  shrimp


Our view was amazing, the service was great- seriously fantastic lunch spot.  Marcus and I enjoyed the view, while chatting about how much cake we were going to inhale later than evening (who said the romance dies after the wedding?!).



If that weren’t enough- I came home after work to a birthday-themed decorated house, complete with pink cards from friends and family members strewn across our coffee table, balloons, confettti, and adorably wrapped gifts. ❤


I honestly think my husband might have bought out an entire Party City to create this birthday masterpiece (did I mention how much I love him???).


Better yet- I found Marcus in the kitchen, setting up all the ingredients to make DIY sushi!!



Background: this has been one of our favorite activities since we took a sushi-making class on Valentine’s Day 2015, in which I proceeded to drink an entire bottle of red wine – resulting in a hot mess of crab stick, avocado, cream cheese, and cucumbers all over the table. Drunk Alyssa ate all the sushi (my own, and all of Marcus’s rolls, and even some other classmates rolls- who saw how tipsy I was and got a laugh out of offering me food).  Needless to say, DIY sushi is the bread and butter of the Muffet household. 🙂





***Don’t worry- I will definitely be posting blog on how to make your own sushi in the next few days!!  It’s much easier than it looks/sounds, and makes an incredible date night.  Keep an eye out! ❤






After sushi, Marcus had set up surprise FaceTimes with my family members– this was one of the best parts of the night for me!


He knew how difficult it was for me to be away from my family on my birthday (this was my first birthday away from them, actually)- so he planned this to make me feel more comfortable.

I loved catching up with my family, & feeling at home, despite the distance. ❤


We ended the night with red velvelt cheesecake (still thinking about it….), Birthday Cake Halo Top (duh), and waaaay too much sangria.  It was the perfect day! ❤


Since you now all know how I spent my birthday (and my drunken sushi story)- I can tell you all about my #goals for 25!


Every year, I set goals for myself. Some are specific, like “get a new job” or “read 10 books”- some are pretty vague, such as “find your purpose” (lol, that one’s going to be on the goals list for a while).  It’s incredibly important to hold ourselves accountable for our own personal and intellectual growth (shout out to Pi Phi for giving me a name for this value)- and setting goals helps in this process immensely.  Even more helpful?  Letting your loved ones know about your goals- and asking them to keep you in check throughout the year.


It’s one thing to set goals and never tell anyone– it’s great that you have the motivation in the first place to change or improve those aspects of your life. However, your goals are nearly impossible to achieve without the support of others, and most people are likely to give up on or forget aspirations without having their loved ones and colleagues holding them accountable.  Why do hopeful marathon runners train together in running groups?  Why do people embark on diets with their significant others, or friends?  Why do girls go to the bathroom in packs (actually I have no idea why we do that…)?  Having a group of people surrounding you and building you up to achieve a goal is an amazing, inspiring thing!

So, without further ado- here are my goals for my 25th year of life.  Feel free to make fun of them, and definitely hold me accountable for them!


 #goals for 25

1. Feel more comfortable in my own skin. This is something I’ve been working on for a while, and something that I will likely continue to work on my whole life.  I’ve always cared too much about what others think of me, and how I’m perceived by society.  This year, I hope I can shake off some of that pressure to conform to society’s expectations, and just be me- in my own skin- no makeup, hair in a bun, etc.

2. Grow and develop in the workplace by obtaining a promotion, and making a role my own.

3. Run a half marathon, or (gulp) Half Ironman. Background: There was an Ironman in Wilmington last weekend, and now Marcus wants to do a Half Ironman next summer.  Alyssa wants to visit Europe next summer.  Marcus found a Half Ironman in Barcelona.  Next summer.  Guess who is signing up???  We’ll see how this goes.

4. Visit at least two new places– one of them preferably outside of the US. (and blog about them, obvi!)

5. Become a better/more experimental cook. Background: Marcus is the chef of our fam- I bake and clean up the dishes. J  I figure at age 25, though, it’s probably about dang time I learn how to make more than Special K with bananas on top & boxed Kraft mac n’ cheese.

6. Find a creative outlet, and utilize it every day. (this blog!!!!) Starting this blog has given me an opportunity to take seemingly mundane things, that I would typically take for granted and forget about a few weeks later, and turn them into lasting, thought-provoking topics.  I love starting on a topic and not knowing where it’s going to end up- just letting the words flow and fall where they may!  (bonus if people are actually reading it & enjoying it, too) 🙂


So, there they are- my #goals for 25. screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-4-12-39-pm

Not too many, and nothing too crazy (well, the Ironman and me cooking thing might be a bit overzealous….), but I’m sure I will come up with more throughout the year.  For me, it’s good to start with a little at a time, otherwise I get overwhelmed!


What are your goals for this year??  I hope you have been inspired by my little aspirations- and that you will create some for yourself.  ❤

Have a great weekend, loves!




Note*** To all my friends and family who took the time to call, text, FaceTime, post Instagrams, etc. – you made my birthday so incredibly special.   I’ve been homesick for Cincinnati, and hearing from all of you truly made my day.  Thank you – love & miss all of you! ❤



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  1. Kate says:

    Hi! Wonderful post. So happy for you and happy belated birthday!!! I love your blog…it’s very inspiring!


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