5 Date Nights for Cuddle Season

So, we’ve turned the clock back an hour.  Great- an extra hour of zzzzz’s!  But wait….I’m walking out of the office….and it’s dark outside?  I’m pretty sure I only saw the light of day on my drive to work this morning. 😦

At least Daylight Savings gives an extra hour (to spend more time on breakfast). ❤

Daylight Savings is here (& Marcus is full on pissed- have you ever heard his thoughts on the “conspiracy” that is Daylight Savings Time?  I’ll have to tell the story….another time ;)) – so you know what that means.  Yes- it’s dark all the time.  But, also, we are officially in prime CUDDLE SEASON!  For those of you giving me a confused, blank stare…. let me define this for you-

cuddle season (n);

1. a time of the year in which cuddling is necessary for survival from the cold, and boredom from impending darkness as early as 4:30 pm

2. a perfect excuse for fuzzy blankets and warm beverages (alcohol is encouraged)

synonyms include: lazy, pajama party, Netflix and chill, DTC (down to cuddle) 

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-8-10-43-pmfullsizer-2-copy-24 screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-7-09-18-pm


Now that we’ve cleared that up- let’s talk about date night!  

Being a newlywed- I still have a lot to learn about what makes a relationship last, how to make my marriage the most successful it can be, etc.  But, if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that having spontaneous date nights is the best way to maintain any relationship- and it adds so much fun!   Date nights improve the connection between you and your boo, keep the romance alive, and get you out of your typical routine.



So- what better time to think of some unique date nights than during cuddle season, the one time of year that you never want to leave your couch?  (note: for me, this is actually most seasons… being on the couch with a cup of coffee & Pinterest = the perfect day.  Anyone else??? 🙂 ).

Typical Alyssa Day.

5 Date Night Ideas for Cuddle Season

  1. Drinks, Dessert, & Druddles– (drunk cuddles… a failed attempt at alliteration, but can we make this a thing?) Since we have already established that we seldom leave the couch during Cuddle Season- I will give you the opportunity to do just that in this date night.  Whip up some spiked hot chocolate
    Spiked hot chocolate! 

    and red wine brownies (seriously, the most incredible creation of mankind).

    Red wine brownies- recipe from Mountain View Vineyard.

    Plop yourselves on your couch, put on your show, and get your drunk cuddle on!



2. DIY Dinner Date: This is me & Marcus’s go-to date night!  Our favorite thing to do?  Look back on favorite date nights at different restaurants, and recreate the meals (usually at about half the price of what we paid the first time)!  This can honestly be as simple as DIY Chipotle — (I will be posting a recipe soon, but try this one if you are craving Chipotle right this second).

DIY Chipotle Burrito Bowls

Our favorite is DIY sushi (again– our recipe coming soon!), complete with eel sauce, wasabi & ginger, and even some sake. ❤  sushi


Sushi has become our staple date night, and we love trying out new restaurants.  But making a restaurant-style meal yourself?  So much fun- and so rewarding knowing that you did it yourself!  (it’s a relief on your wallet too). 🙂

More meals to try:






Creamy Chicken Bacon Pasta
One Skillet Chicken










3. Iceskating & Island Hunting: OK- you’ve got to get out of the house at some point, people.  Throw on your long johns, gloves, extra socks, etc. and get on the rink!  Even better- if your area offers a fall/winter festival, go!  Yes, braving the cold is difficult…but it’s good to shake things up.  And nothing says romance like dragging your significant other down with you while you trip on the ice. ❤



When you get home, and you’re feeling on the verge of frostbite- grab your laptop, and start searching some tropical locations for your next vacation, dream retirement home, etc.!  


Nothing makes the cold bearable like the promise of a vacation– and you’re back on the couch now, so you should be feeling great.  Grab some leftover spiked hot chocolate, if you still have some, and- you guessed it- cuddle time. 🙂

4. Movie Marathon & Munchies: This one’s pretty self explanatory.  Is the weather looking exceptionally horrible for your upcoming date night?  Pick a few movies you’ve been wanting to see, and rent them on Google Play- or choose a series to watch all the way through, if you’re feeling bold.  (I dare you to watch the entire Harry Potter series).  The munchies part of this equation would involve any of the following:

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
S’mores Muddy Buddies            screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-9-21-13-pm White Chocolate Holiday Mix







Sprinkles Cupcakes. ❤ ❤ ❤

The list of munchies goes on and on- but if you’re feeling especially lazy, popcorn and wine will always suffice. 🙂

Talk about a perfect chilly night in! ❤


5. Couples, Cards, & Cake Pops: Invite your friends over for a Euchre tournament, Cards Against Humanity, or whatever else will entertain you (indoors)!


Double dates are a great way to spend quality time with your friends, and shake things up with your typical date nights.  

Having trouble getting your friends to agree to leaving their own couch?? Bribe them with these incredible cake pops! 

Pumpkin Cheesecake Cake Pops


There you have it- 5 perfect date nights for cuddle season!  Grab your sweaters, fuzzy socks, blankets, and try these ideas out.

Any date nights that I missed?  Share your favorites with me— I’m always looking for unique date nights (and especially dessert recipes) ;).  And I promise- sushi will be on the blog SOON!

Have a great week, & happy cuddling! ❤ 




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